Noble Outfitters UK Victoria White/Coral Geo


    This Victoria long sleeved pull-on is the epitome of equestrian style, adding elegance and pizazz to your show wear. With a stylish zip-up neck and a beautiful mesh detail to the back, the pull-on show shirt is the staple item to any equestrian wardrobe. Fashion comes with functionality for the wearer of this shirt; it features an innovative Pro Stretch collar and cuffs for optimal movement and comfort during your performance, and Opti-Dry fabric to help keep you fresh and dry throughout the big event.

    • Unique blend of 88 percent nylon and 12 percent spandex - this knit jersey will retain warmth if the weather is cold, but will allow your skin to breath when conditions are warmer
    • Stretchy panels under the arms - special panels enable you maximum movement of the arms, while keeping you fresh by banishing moisture
    • Opti-Dry and anti-microbial fabric - uses the latest apparel technology to absorb sweat and prevent damp patches from appearing 
    • UPF 50+ - this show shirt offers you maximum protection from the sun's rays
    • Snap collar - innovative snap collar design allows you to adjust the shirt depending on your personal comfort levels, and comes with a colourful print for added effect
    • Back mesh panel - unique decorative panel adds intrigue and elegance to your outfit, making sure you look your best when it matters most
    • Machine washable - this show shirt has been designed to withstand the pressures of machine washing and will not fade or lose shape, regardless of how much you wash it